Maintaining an efficient fulfillment department that needs to manage a large amount of product and make sure it gets to the right place at the right time is no small task. To accomplish this, you need a top-notch team of individuals whose sole purpose is fulfilling orders and overseeing a robust inventory.
What type of team uses our platform?
As a premier hiring automation platform, we specialize in hiring a large hourly workforce quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s helping streamline communication during the hiring process, automating interviews or organizing candidate documents, OnboardIQ can help you build out a quality fulfillment team in a flash.
Building a strong workforce is a core concern for any large operations organization. OnboardIQ enables companies to drive acquisition costs down, empower large-scale hiring with data, and deliver a great applicant experience. Here’s how we can help:
Simplification of the Applicant Experience
There can be a lot of bottlenecks in the hiring process that turn off potential candidates. Our automated hiring system has greatly simplified the applicant experience. From the moment an applicant applies, they are instantaneously taken through a seamless portal experience. This keeps applicants engaged from the start, leading not only to higher conversion rates and an increase in the quality of hires made, but the decrease of our clients’ average time-to-hire by nearly half.
Streamlined Communications
A lack of quality communication can bring any hiring endeavor to a screeching halt. Not with OnboardIQ leading the way. Our platform lets you take advantage of an applicant’s attention through immediate SMS messages the second they apply. Reminders and follow-up messages are entirely automated, meaning applicants engaged and never get lost in the process. Deep automation allows you to communicate, follow-up with and urge a large applicant pool to take action, seamlessly through SMS and email communication, all housed in an intuitive applicant portal of unprecedented scale and speed.
Rich Data & Analytics
Take the guesswork out of your cost per hire with our in-depth analytics system. We facilitate large scale hiring endeavors based on data we accumulate, meaning you’ll never be in the dark about an applicant and the status of your ongoing hiring process. By knowing these numbers, you’ll better know your applicants and all encompassing hiring process.
Machine Learning
Through artificial intelligence, our platform can learn and adapt based on being exposed to new data. This means you can get predictive, reliable results that are relevant to your hiring needs, all based entirely on data. Prioritize and focus your attention through qualification filters that find the top candidates out of all applicants, paving a path for better, more qualified hires overall.
Remote Interviews
Through state-of-the-art video recording capabilities, you can schedule and conduct interviews remotely from anywhere. Not only will this save you valuable time and resources, but it will also help minimize hiring costs and extend an added layer of convenience to applicants.